The Hidden Laughter of Women

Das verborgene Lachen der Frauen from Berenice Pahl on Vimeo.

video: 6 min

„The Hidden Laughter of Women“ is an artistic research project focussing on the question when and under which circumstances women used laughter as a tool for solidarity and subversion against supression, anger and fear. The video is an excerpt from the performance resulting out of it
mit Gudrun Lenk.-Wane
Stadtmuseum Bruneck, 2016

The Laughter of the Thracian Maid

Three-part room installation

Portrait Gallery: 8 drawings, 8 photographies
Pax: an accessible sound-sculpture with documents and 88 thoughts to give away
The Ironing: operating instructions

A confrontation - from feminist perspective - with the potential of humor and laughter in the face of dying and death, valediction and the confrontation with the void.

With  Helene Rosenberger; Elke Pahl; Zoa, Pax, Yuna and Fjonn Pahl; Flora and Fauna Mosleh; and Susanna

How to educate a future famous artist

Future Famous Artist WEB5min from Berenice Pahl on Vimeo.

video: 12 min / 5 min (excerpt)
High-art versus low-art, pop and mainstream, laissez-faire education versus parental promotion mania, neoliberal education policy versus gender-sensitve cultural- and artistic education policy, queerness versus straigthness, exploitation versus self-realisation. Categories collide, mix up and melt.
with Roman Bruckner, Fjonn Piet Pahl and Zoa Felice Pahl 

Alis´s Salon

ALIS SALON from Berenice Pahl on Vimeo.

performance: 40 min / 3 min (excerpt)
Feminism for beginners - the high art of humor and laughter: a workshop.

Jane Castelton Remix

JANE CASTLETON from Berenice Pahl on Vimeo.

Performance: (excerpt 12 min)
Jane Castelton (one of Andrea Frasers Personas) is invited to guide trough the Exhibition In BEETWEEN:FRAMES. So she was occupied quite a time by only beeing a mum she mixes up the works and the artists. An exhilerating new view on female and feminist art is the result.
(Project Space Galerie Kro Art: In BEETWEEN:FRAMES, 2014)

Jodeling with Berenice im Freigehege

JODELING from Berenice Pahl on Vimeo.

Performance (excerpt: 20 min)
Two workshops for people who lost - like B.i.F - their sense of home. Here you can achieve freedom and security through unleashing the power of your voice in a cheerful company. And, in reward, tasting a Stamperl of B.i.F's breast milk
(The balls are ours - VBKÖ - 2014 and Action goes Viral - HUT - 2014) 

Well done - Ihr warts heute ganz brav!

video: 3 min
About possibilities an impossibilities. 
About education in the arts.
About traditions and ambivalences between abilities and achievement


video: 15 min
I am a phlegmatic, a choleric, a melancholic and a sanguinic. I am created and I create myself: my humour is more than a gift. I apply my laugh, it expands my boundaries. It is contagious, it seduces and turns one's way….Performance in WUK, Vienna
with Karin Schnitzer, Gudrun Lenk-Wane and Peter Hirsch 

Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit

video: 5 min
The next generation took over the dog lead: a personal balancing act! Reenactment of VALIE EXPORT and Peter Weibels action.
with Zoa Felice Pahl, Yuna Florine Pahl, Fjonn Piet Pahl and Peter Pahl-Hirsch 


video: 3 min
I get my earnings as a pitchwoman: All the best for Mother's Day. Also by my children!
with Zoa Felice Pahl, Yuna Florine Pahl, Fjonn Piet Pahl and Peter Pahl-Hirsch 


Four world religions, two sexes and a lot of symbols and binarities! A release operation by the help of Milan Kundera and Salman Rushdie
with Marsellus Wallaces 

Lachen und Weinen

video: 7 min
The victory over the grief by the self transcendental laugh. The documentation of a relationship. A self-attempt. A snapshot.

Homo in corpore

video: 15 min
Boundaries: cultural, social, biological. The study of an escape attempt and its perspectives. A museum framework - a communication programm - counter productions in the Generali Foundation.
with Peter Hirsch 
and Julia Riederer, Maiken Kloser, Johanna Bachmayr_Heyda, Elena Obetzhauser, Jana Steier, Julia Stiedl 

Diffus Abnorm: La fille mal gardée

video: 5 min
Disease and female disciplining. The first full-length ballet from the revolutionary year 1789 meets a diffuse abnormal EEG. Performance in a didactic institution and in the MQ Vienna.
with Lucy Rooney, Lis Nemeth, Stefanie Wuschitz and Peter Hirsch 

Die Schaukel

The swing
The gentle push in the right direction. The shove in life. The everyday life, the infinite repetitions and the possibilities hiding in subtle variations. Who is pushing whom? Who laughs last?
with Peter Hirsch